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President's Welcome Message

Yong In University President,  Park Sun-kyoung

‘Nurturing dreams, realizing dreams,’ Yong In University is the cradle of fostering 21st century talent.
I would like to genuinely welcome your visit to Yong In University.

For the past 60 years, since its establishment in 1953, Yong In University has contributed to the enhancement of national prestige in the field of martial arts, sports & physical education, and the arts & performance arts. Because of its efforts, it has been widely recognized as a top specialized university, with specialized disciplinary courses, not only in South Korea but also around the world. The school equips its students with; an education of humanism in terms of propriety and ethics, a practical education to aid students’ careers, and an education with emphasis on foreign languages to help students respond actively to the globalized world. In addition, it nurtures talents that are required in the 21st century such as; culture, welfare, environment, and unification. The university is also consistently making efforts to enhance its research environment along with the quality of education. By doing this, it will help the school blossom into a leading globalized university. Yong In University collaborates with highly recognized universities abroad, which helps add to its prestige.

Using its experience gained in the past 60 years, Yong In University strives to be one of the world’s top level universities.

I respectfully ask for your continuous support and consideration.

Park Sun-kyoung President

President's Profile


1977.02 B.A. in Korean Painting, Ehwa University, Korea
1992.08 M.A. in Fine Arts, Graduate School, Ehwa University, Korea
1999.08 Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Graduate School, Dongguk University, Korea

Positions at YIU

1995.03 ~ present Professor of the Department of Painting
1996.03 ~ 1999.02 Corporate Assistant Minister
1999.03 ~ 2000.02 Director, Strategic Planning Office
2000.03 ~ 2014.02 Vice President
2014.03 ~ present 7th President

Professional Career

2004.04 ~ 2010.04 Trustee, The National Trust Cultural Heritage Fund, Korea
2004.02 ~ present Trustee, The Gyeonggi-do Museum Association
2005.03 ~ 2006. Syndic, The Korean Museum Association
2005.11 ~ 2011.11 Trustee, Friends of National Museum of Korea
2011. ~ present Syndic, Friends of National Museum of Korea

Yong In University President,  Park Sun-kyoung