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The symbol of Yong In University designed with Y and I that are initials of its name.

The symbol, designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the university, expresses the vision of Yong In University to succeed in terms of tradition and open its position as the comprehensive university to the world. The powerful spot which seems like the brush touch on the upper left side shows the intensive martial spirits that are the basis of the spirits of Yong In University and it also resembles the thumb which stands for the best so as to express the ambition of Yong In University to jump up as a world class university. Additionally, it contains the distinguished characteristics of Yong In University, such as Korea such as folk songs and cultural assets. Moreover, through the circle that expands from the center of the symbol, it embodies the images which are presented to the world based on the Yong In University. Converting the symbol upside down, it shows Chinese letters of ‘大’ and ‘人’, which reflect education based on generosity, righteousness and knowledge and embodies the images of the university to bring up ideal leaders based on humane education.

In the blue and green colors of the symbol, it expresses the vital images of the university students that are raised at Yong In University. By gradually changing from blue to green, it gives the idea future-oriented images. Also, through clarifications, it expresses the intensiveness and flexibility of power so as to show strong as well as smooth images of the university that can embrace all the students from various fields.

Overall, through the new symbol of Yong In University, we can pursue a world class university and embody the visions and philosophies of Yong In University to try to succeed the traditions and create a future that expresses the passionate and future-oriented images of the university with the blue and green colors.

Logo - Korean
Logo - English
Logo - Chinese
University signature - Korean
University signature - English
University signature - Chinese
University signature - Mix

Regulations on exclusive use colors

The exclusive colors of Yong In University are classified into main colors and sub colors as it requires precise color management for the visual unity of images. The sub colors, which are widely used for assorted items such as prints and signs etc, are the factors that defines the main images of Yong In University apart from the main colors that are used for the symbol and logo. Therefore, while using sub colors, it is necessary to use and manage to have precise color, clarity and brightness etc.

In particular, there can be differences in brightness and clarity etc depending on the media so that it is necessary to use and compare with attached color samples in order to obtain the optimal color expression. It is the principle that the color expression is based on different colors but it can be expressed with 4 primary colors according to the characteristics of mass media.

Main color
  • PANTONE 316 C
  • Yongin Green
  • PANTONE 316 C
  • Yongin Light Blue
    Yongin Light Blue is only used for the expression of gradation of symbol.
Sub color
  • Yongin Light Gray
  • PANTONE 2925 C
  • Yongin Blue
  • PANTONE 683 C
  • Yongin Burgundy
  • Yongin Gray
  • PANTONE 281 C
  • Yongin Dark Blue
  • PANTONE 137 C
  • Yongin Orange