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Stated Period for Foreigner

Number of Recruits

  • Within 2% of total admissions, within 10% of admissions for each department excluding regular numbers(daytime: 29)
    • Foreigners with foreign nationalities
  • Selections excluding regular admissions up to the maximum capacity
    • Foreigners with foreign parents
    • Foreigners who completed all the education programs
      * Not eligible to apply to nighttime departments

Timetable for the Admission

Spec Timetable Venue Remarks
Receiving application mid-December Only through the Internet
Document submission mid-December Admission department, HQ Student, delegate, mail (except on weekends)
Positing eligibility results Early January Admission website
Interview mid-January Designated place, HQ Bring IDs and application documents for identification
Announcing successful candidates Late January Admission website
Registration Early February Notified on the announcement  


  • Foreigners with foreign parents: Students with foreign parents who took high school courses in Korea or overseass
  • Foreigners with foreign residences: (In the case of Koreans) Students who achieved foreign nationalities and took more than 2 years of high school courses (regardless of nationality of parents)
  • Foreigners who took all education programs: Students who took all Korean education programs (elementary, middle and high schools) overseas (more than 12 years, regardless of nationalities of parents)


Only foreigners with certificates proving enrollment in Korean language courses or S-TOPIK are eligible to complete an application. However, foreigners who previously had Korean nationality with excellent Korean language skills by taking certain education programs in Korea may be exempted.

Announcing Review Results for Eligibility

  • May required to submit additional documents if needed after judging eligibility based on submitted documents.
  • Announced results
    • Foreigners with foreign parents
    • Foreigners who completed all the education programs
      * Not eligible to apply to nighttime departments
  • Foreigners who took all education programs: Students who took all Korean education programs (elementary, middle and high schools) overseas (more than 12 years, regardless of nationalities of parents)

Notices for applicants

  • Notice on multiple application
    • It may be possible to apply for universities with different admission periods designated by the MEST for regular universities (including education universities)
      - Our university is in class B.
    • It is prohibited to apply for other admissions if an applicant passed frequent admission universities (including universities of industry and education and colleges)
      - Including those who expressed registration for notifying additional entries among candidates
    • It is prohibited to apply for additional admission for those who passed the regular admission and registered (including initial and additional registrations during supplementary admission)
      - However, those who abandoned regular admission during the additional admission are eligible to submit additional applications
    • Those who passed colleges or industrial colleges through frequent admission (mandatory for registration) may not apply for the regular admission regardless of registration.
    • The university is not allowed for multiple application in the same admission class.
  • Notice on registration
    • Those who passed more than 2 universities through the regular admission shall register only 1 university during the regular admission period.
    • Those who passed more than 2 universities through the regular or additional admission (regular and additional, additional and additional) shall register only 1 university until the due date of the additional registration.
    • Those who abandoned registering universities after they passed in the regular admission, passed additional admission from other universities and wished to register those universities shall abandon the register to previously registered ones.
  • Measures against those who violated the dual application and registration
    • Application, success and registration status are reviewed through computer system after the admission and those who violated the dual application and the dual registration shall void their successes.
  • The applicants under the unit with specific majors for application (department) shall apply for admission after selecting a major (except in the case of the media design department).

Application Method

Recruit Type Document Interview Total Score
All Pass, fail 100% 100%(100 points)

Selection Process

  • Those who passed the eligibility review shall attend the interview.
  • The successful candidates are determined based on the total score of the interview for each unit by score basis.
  • The missing due to unregistering is supplemented by other candidates with score basis.
  • Those under one of the items below shall fail regardless of the score.
    • Those who do not attend the interview after passing the eligibility review
    • Those judged to have insufficient Korean language ability based on language tests in the interview
    • Those judged to significantly lack performance in classes or who have mental or infectious diseases
  • Items below are used to screen applicants with the same scores.
Type Priority for applicants with the same scores
Special admission for foreigners
  • Who have excellent proficiency in the Korean language
  • Who are younger

Receiving Admission Documents

  • Major content for admissions
    • Period: mid-December
    • Method: Visit the university website ( and click the “Internet Application for Foreigners”banner. (No separate admission document or visit required)
    • Admission fee: 100,000 KRW
      * The figure counts 70,000 KRW for document review and those who fail to pass the eligibility may be refunded 30,000 KRW (test fee) to the bank account written by the applicant
    • How to pay the fee: Refer to the reception website
    • The submitted documents and the admission fee may not be returned once the admission document is submitted, as well as not allowed to change items in the document.
    • The reception is completed if you have an admission number after paying the fee (remittance)
  • How to submit the admission document
    How to submit the admission document
    • 1.Visit the university website and click the internet application banner
    • 2.Member registration and login
    • 3.Select Yongin University among the list
    • 4.Take care of cautions and instructions on submission and application
    • 5.Input and check items in the document
    • 6.Pay the admission fee
    • 7.Complete submission (print out and check the document)
    • 8.Print label for mail delivery
    • 9.Send document evidence
    * The university pays fees for internet submissions
    * The applicants shall input items and pay the fee in advance for not being allowed to register after the due date and have liabilities for not registering due to time violations
  • How to submit documents
    • Period: mid-December
    • Address: 449-714 (post code) The admission department, 1st floor of the HQ of Yongin University, 470, Samgadong, Cheoingu, Yongin, Gyeonggi
    • Method: Registered mail or visit (the time limit is 1700 excluding weekends)
    • Check the document delivery
      - You may check it through websites of internet application agents or the university (
      However,you may just check the arrival of the documents, therefore, the applicants shall submit all the documents they need
  • Notice on receiving admission documents
    • The success is cancelled if the submitted documents or the item are judged to be false or the students passed by illegal ways and the admission is cancelled even for students who are enrolled in schools.
    • The submitted documents may not be adjusted, cancelled or returned in any case.
    • There shall be certificates issued by the court of the origin to identify in case that the names of the applicant and his/her name on the documents are not the same
    • Issued not defined in this guideline are determined by the method of selecting foreign students and the admission management committee.
    • Contact the Admissions Department (82-31-8020-2918, e-mail : for further information.

Documents to be Submitted

No Spec Remarks
1 Admissions document (issued by the University) Print out after online
2 GPA certificate from primary and secondary schools  
3 Certificate of graduation (or future graduation) from high school
- Those who graduate from Chinese high schools shall submit the certificate issued by, as well as the certificate of graduation
- The certificate is only for 会考合格证认证 or 高考成绩单认证
4 A copy of your passport Student
5 Foreign registration card (only for foreign residents in Korea) Student
6 Certificate issued by foreign government which proves that the student, as well as his/her parents are foreigners
- For Chinese applicants, they shall submit a copy of the ‘Family Registration’ (submit the original one after completion) and additionally submit a notarized copy of the ‘Certificate of Relatives’ if the registration does not contain the student and the parents
Parents, student
  • An original copy of one of the items below
    • Certificate of enrollment in Korean language courses in Korea (or would-be enrolling)
    • A record of S-TOPIK (higher than class 3)
  • Financial Statement
    • For guarantors
      Certificate of overseas bank account with more than 10k USD (for over a 1 month) or Certificate of remittance (exchange) for more than 10k USD
      - The amount exceeding 10k USD in the account certificate shall be retained for more than 1 month and the certificate shall be valid only for one issued by foreign banks, not local ones
    • For guarantors
      - Employment certificate or business registration document
      - Certificate of paying property taxes
      - Declaration on paying costs for studying abroad (included in the admissions document and requiring a signature of the guarantor)
9 Consent form for academic career inquiry Hand written
10 Curriculum schedule Hand written
  • All the submitted documents written in foreign languages, expect English, should be submitted with the translated documents in Korean or English.
  • Certificate of graduation or school transcripts should be verified with original copies or should be submitted with the certified original copy.
  • It may be necessary to submit additional documents for verification
  • For foreign students, it is required to submit a certificate proving enrollment in a Korean language course or S-TOPIK records to apply for the University. However, the foreigners with Korean nationality are required to submit the certificate of academic career (transcript, certificate of graduation etc) issued by their latest educational institute in Korea before he or she acquired foreign nationality.
  • The documents should be submitted in the number order of the documents.

Successful candidate announcement, registration and notices

  • Successful candidate announcement: end of January
  • Successful candidate method of announcement: refer to (
  • Notices for successful candidate
    • The successful candidates are only confirmed through the website.
    • It is required that all successful candidates should register within the registration period.
  • Tuition refund
    • Process for refund
      - Click the ‘Cancellation of Registration’ button on the website: (
      - Request refund after log-in
    • Notices for tuition refund
      - If tuition refund is requested, it is considered as a disqualification. It is impossible to cancel and revise the tuition refund request.
    • Tuition refund
      Classification By Feb. 21, 2011 After Feb. 21, 2011
      Amount 100% of tuition fee Deduction by 「rules of tuition and admission fee」
  • Cancellation of admissions
    • When a successful candidate does not register within the due date, the admission is cancelled.
    • In the case of “Multiple applications or double registrations”, the admission is cancelled.
    • If the registered candidate’s academic career inquiry cannot be verified the admission is cancelled.
    • If the successful candidate cannot graduate from high school, the admission is cancelled.

Notices for applicants

  • It is required to bring an examination card and ID (passport or foreigner registration card) to verify oneself on selection day in order to apply.
  • All the disadvantages by contact failure (inability to contact the applicant through the number on the application form) is the student’s responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to notify the Admissions Department of any changed numbers. If the applicant cannot be contacted, he or she is excluded from the list of successful candidate
  • On selection day, it is not allowed to use mobile phones or the commercial use of information communication devices (PDA, DMB, Digital Camera, MP3, USB etc).
  • The records are not revealed.
  • All the items that are not described in the entrance requirements are followed by the decision from the Student Selection Method and University Admission Selection Management Committee.

Documents for submission

  • IConsent form for academic career inquiry Download
  • Curriculum schedule Download