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What is the Global Buddy Program?

「Global Buddy」is a program established not only to help international students (undergraduate or short-term language trainees) studying at Yong In University to adapt to school life and learn about the Korean culture, but also to help direct language/cultural exchange between Korean students and international students in order to cultivate a strong sense of service for others in a multi-cultural society.


  • study language and culture through 1:1 matching program between an international and korean student
  • campus tour for new international students and general school life guide (e.g. class registration) at the beginning of each semester
  • support ICEC events
  • support international students
  • support other duties designated by the ICEC

Number of admitted students

less than 50 students (Chinese, English, Japanese, or other)

Application period

  • 1st semester : end of January
  • 2nd semester : end of July

Standards for application

  • Undergraduate student attending Yong In University with a strong sense of responsibility and active attitude not subject to any prior disciplinary measures according to school principles
  • student with foreign language skills (English, Chinese, Japanese, or other)

Activity time

  • at least 40 hours per semester (4 hours per week, at least 10 weeks)
  • standards activity time
    • Airport/departure: 6 hours
    • Homestay : 8 hours
    • Yong-in area (bank, supermarket, hospital, etc.) : 3 hours
    • On-campus activity: acknowledge according to actual time
    • Acknowledgement of other activities abides by the decision of the ICEC.

Submission of reports

  • submit「Global Buddy」 activity report (prescribed form) to the ICEC at the end of each month
  • submit social service activity report (prescribed form) to the student support center at the end of semester


  • Credit: acknowledge as 1 credit of social service (※ only 2 times during period of enrollment, cannot overlap with other social activities)
  • Issue certificate of social service activity
  • Extra points will be added during application for ICEC programs (exchange student, etc.)