Scholarship guideline


Foreigner who has been admitted through foreigner screening (supernumerary), whose parents are foreigner. Scholarship is granted to those who belong to the following category.

※ This scholarship shall not be applicable to admission fee.

  • New and transfer students[First semester]
    Tuition Fee
    (Except for
    the admission fee)
    TOPIK Grade 3 50% of Tuition Fee
    Above TOPIK Grade 4 60% of Tuition Fee
    Those who have completed more than 20 weeks of our Korean Language Curriculum and have been recommended by the head of the relevant department (Institute of Foreign Affairs and Education) 50% of Tuition Fee
  • Current students, Transfer students[From Second semester]
    Tuition Fee Grade of The last semester Scholarship
    Above 4.0 50% of Tuition Fee
    Above 3.5 40% of Tuition Fee
    Above 3.0 30% of Tuition Fee
    Above 2.5 20% of Tuition Fee

    * Those who have acquired more than 15 credits in the previous semester (12 credits for seniors) and above 2.5