Foreign student’s insurance

All foreign students have to be subscribed to medical insurance during the period of attendance at Yongin University. 3 types of insurance include insurance subscribed at the student’s home country (insurance that covers medical benefits in Korea), regional health and medical insurance and Korea’s accident insurance company’s foreign student insurance.

Subscription to national health insurance

In case a foreign residing in Korea for more than 1 year wants to receive the same benefits as Koreans.


Inquiry at National Health Insurance Corporation (+82-1577-1000,
In case you need assistance in foreign language, Global Center can also provide assistance.
(☎ +82-2-2075-4180, )

Calculation of medical insurance fee

Applicable after the foreigner’s application for registration

Insurance benefits

Approximately 30% to be borne upon hospital admission (Approximately 30% for clinics, 40% for hospitals, 60% for general hospitals)

Subscription to Korea’s accident insurance company’s foreign student insurance

  • As an insurance for foreign students, it offers the benefits of medical fees. It has to be renewed on a yearly basis so students must renew or re-subscribe before the expiry of the subscribed insurance.
  • It must be subscribed to as it is a document required upon visa extension.

1. Medical Insurance Premium: Approximately KRW 120,000 per year

2. Details of medical coverage: Up to KRW 10 million hospital admission fee / Consultation fee: KRW 250,000 / Medicine cost: KRW 50,000 (Insurance Coverage: KOR, ENG, CHN)

3. Insurance card must be received within 1 week after insurance subscription

4. Insurance card must be kept well as it is not re-issued when it is lost

5. Procedure for claiming insurance: After visiting the hospital and pharmacy, the entire amount of consultation fee is paid

6. Visit the Institute of International Affairs with the receipt and required documents or inquire at the insurance company

7. Insurance premium is deposited into the account after approximately 1 week

Documents required for claiming insurance

  • Insurance Claim Form (located at the service window)
  • Bank account, Alien Registration, insurance card
  • Receipt of consultation fee, receipt of medicine cost

※ Insurance company may request for additional document